Beginning life at the Bar

Hi everyone,

I’m glad you found your way to my new Blog! I’m trying to write something a little different from the perspective of a junior barrister on beginning life at the bar.

I don’t have a lot of experience with blogs. A colleague of mine put me on to them and says they are great. The writing style takes a bit of getting used to – so much for the big words used in pleadings or written submissions.

I liken the style of prose in a Blog to that used in a great book I’ve been reading. The book is called The Devil’s Advocate by Iain Morley QC. Anyone who wants to learn about advocacy should get a copy. Go on. Pick up a copy of the book. You won’t regret it.

I would add that perhaps anyone who wants to learn how to blog about legal topics should also read The Devil’s Advocate.

For me, this is a new chapter in my legal career.

I was called to the Bar in March 2018. That means that at the time of writing it is almost 4 weeks since my call.

I hope you find my content interesting and worth reading.


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