Challenging a Notice of Assessment from the ATO

Let’s assume a client wants to challenge a Notice of Assessment from the ATO. The assessment is simply too high. Perhaps this was due to the Commissioner amending a taxpayer’s assessment of income, or including penalties and charges. Perhaps there are multiple amended assessments from previous income years. What do you do? It depends on

Some Pointers On Drafting Affidavits

There is a lot of literature on drafting affidavits, but I think it’s worth reflecting on some of the most fundamental points. Affidavits are very, very important. Good affidavits can make your case. Bad ones can cause your case to end in disaster. These days most evidence in chief is given by affidavit – the

The Value of Chambers

Word: chambers Middle English < chambre Old French < camera Latin < kamara Greek. Origin: from Latin camera, meaning ‘vault, arched chamber’; from Greek kamara, meaning ‘object with an arched cover’ or ‘private room’. Chambers are a barrister’s office space. The noun is used both singularly to mean a specific office (‘Ms X is in

Dealing with difficult clients

Difficult Clients One of the most challenging aspects of legal practice is dealing with difficult clients. There are many kinds of difficult clients. Some include: the angry client; the obsessive client; the over-involved client; the secretive/deceitful client; the dependent client; the client who already knows everything; the depressed or mentally-ill client; the client affected by